We are dealing with aluminium profiles. Our products are exporting to North Africa, Middle East, Western and Eastern Europe. We have about 10.000 profiles for diffrent using, like: + Aluminium Composite Panel + Furniture Profiles and Accessories ( Kitchen Door Frame, Worktop, Sliding Wardrobe Systems ) + Balustrade Profiles and Accessories + Windows and Door Systems ( Aldoks Flat System, Thermo Isolation, Serbian Series ) + Showcase Profiles and Accessories + Curtain Wall Systems ( 40, 50 and 65 Steel Strengthened ) + Aluminium Baseboard Profiles + Composite Sheets and Profiles + Fair Stand Profiles + Granite Front Profiles, Sunray Breaking Profiles + Sigma Profiles + Shower Profiles, Carpet Profiles + Dilatation Profiles + Glass Railing Systems + Standard and Special Profiles + Construction Profiles and etc.. A POWERFUL GROUP + ALARAX Aluminium provide long-lasting profile solutions for innovative ideas. + We believe it is our job and our duty to provide individual advice in close cooperation with our customers. + This results in sophisticated and highly functional aluminium elements that guarantee optimal project work flow and offer key economic benefits BENEFITS OF ALUMINIUM + Low weight (1/3 of the weight of steel) + Extremely long life expectancy + Easily reshaped + Excellent material strength + Reflects light + Easily processed + Corrosion resistant + Good thermal conductor + Environmentally friendly and recyclable + High class appearance + Good electrical conductor ALUMINIUM – A MATERIAL WITH A FUTURE + Today aluminium extrusion components are used to produce a wide range of practical objects. + The combination of low weight, extreme strength and durability, flexibility in reshaping and ease of processing are just some of the benefits of this modern material. + Innovative shaping often reduces omplicated processing and the need for cost intensive assembly work. + Compared with alternative materials such as steel or plastic, especially when considering its long life expectancy, aluminium often proves to be the solution that makes the most financial and environmental sense. + Our specialists develop affordable high quality solutions for every specific task and requirement, and also point out where money can be saved. + ALARAX Aluminium is well known for being one of the top providers of custom-built extrusion element solutions on the market. Aluminium profiles and accessories